The Slimming Diet

Director: TÓTH Pál
tv-series ° 1985 ° 07 ' 20 " ° Colour Animator: Tóth Pál Assistant: Weisz Béla Dramaturge: Szentistványi Rita Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Zsebényi Béla Cameraman: Pugner Edit Secondunit director: Bajusz Pálné Editor: Szarvas Judit Musician: Másik János Script: Tóth Pál Backgrounds: Molnár Péter ° Manufacturer:


During the idle winter months, Leo gained considerable weight – he became unfit for the show! He must lose weight. Under the command of Fred, he has to go on a diet and exercise all day. Soon, Leo rebels and disobeys. The diet cannot be stopped, so Fred joins him and they run together. Within the time planned, Leo loses weight and becomes the slender lion he used to be – but also Fred! He is incredibly slim! Now he can gain some weight again while Leo is stuffing him with some conserve fruit.



- Busan International Kids’Festival 2006 / South Korea (Other program)
- Cortisonici International Shortfilm Festival 2011 / Italy (Panorama program)
- Banjaluka 2011 / Bosnia and Herzegovina (Panorama program)