What Things May Happen!

Director: SZOBOSZLAY Péter
tv-series ° 1994 ° 04 ' 58 " ° Colour ° Producer: Lakatos Iván ; Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Cseh János ; Nagy György ; Szandtner Réka ; Szoboszlay Eszter ; Tari József Production manager: Thuróczy Csilla ; Vécsy Vera Sound: Komonyi Dezső ; Zsebényi Béla Cameraman: Lakatos Iván Secondunit director: Moldoványi Judit Editor: Csányi Mihály ; Moldoványi Judit Musician: Grencsó István Script, production design: Szoboszlay Péter ° Manufacturer:


The railway and the locomotive are the symbols of the age. Elevators operate in the high-rise buildings, an increasing number of household machines are used by the people, while a large portion of the buildings are still built of clay bricks. The developed coexists with the underdeveloped.