Those Wild Trees

Director: GLASER Kati
tv-series ° 2020 ° 03 ' 04 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Hársfai Márta ; Hertelendi Amanda ; Karikó Ágnes ; Lenhardt László ; Benes , Mirella ; Tóth Zsuzsa Dramaturge: Domonyi Rita Script: Glaser Kati Production manager: Vécsy Vera Background painter: Szenográdi Szabina ; Korda Éva Compositor: Wimmer László Secondunit director: Udvardy Bogi Editor: Czakó Judit ; Bouandel Doraya Musician: Kalotás Csaba ; Hegyi Dávid Post production: Balogh Krisztián Post production: Ari Károly Production design: Glaser Kati Narrator: Mayer Marcell Production design: Udvardy Bogi Production assistant: Szenográdi Szabina


Chestnut trees are beautiful tall trees, just very dangerous. They act friendly for a little while, but never turn your back on a chestnut tree! They do things that you haven't even seen in tails, they hit you while you're bicycling, while being with your mother...