This Is Style!

Director: SZOBOSZLAY Péter
tv-series ° 1994 ° 04 ' 43 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Cseh János ; Nagy György ; Szandtner Réka ; Szoboszlay Eszter ; Tari József Production manager: Thuróczy Csilla ; Vécsy Vera Sound: Komonyi Dezső ; Zsebényi Béla Secondunit director: Moldoványi Judit Editor: Csányi Mihály ; Moldoványi Judit Musician: Grencsó István Script, production design: Szoboszlay Péter ° Manufacturer:


Whether it rains or shines, men carry an umbrella, as a spectacular symbol of urban fashion. The windows and the signs of the outlets and shops are increasingly made with artistic devotion. Budapest is leading the way in the showcases of fashion articles, clothing, lingerie and hats.