Director: TÓTH Pál
tv-series ° 1986 ° 08 ' 00 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Balajthy László Assistant: Polyák Zita Dramaturge: Szentistványi Rita Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Zsebényi Béla Cameraman: Magyar Gyöngyi Secondunit director: Bajusz Pálné Editor: Szarvas Judit Musician: Másik János Backgrounds: Molnár Péter Script: Tóth Pál ° Manufacturer:


A tamer woman and a girl lion have a show in the nearby circus. Leo and Fred attend their show and fall in love with them. They try to keep their affection a secret until one night their attempts are discovered. The two pairs spend the following days in the happiness of love. Hoping for the happy future, Leo and Fred decides to propose the girls. However, they only arrive to an empty place: the circus has left the town.



- Busan International Kids’Festival 2006 / South Korea (Other program)