St. Michael Day's Festival of Plays

Director: SZOBOSZLAY Péter
short film ° 1992 ° 13 ' 00 " ° Colour ° Producer: Lakatos Iván ; Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Kovács Mihály ; Zoltán Annamária ; Neuberger Gizella ; Hajdu Marianna ; Szandtner Réka ; Polgár Éva Production manager: Thuróczy Csilla ; Vécsy Veronika Sound: Pölhőssy István Cameraman: Vékás Péter Editor: Moldoványi Judit Musician: Selmeczi György Script: Szoboszlay Péter ° Manufacturer:


"Only the playing person is a person of totality!" This is the conviction of the seventy-year-old artist, Mihály Schéner, a painter, sculptor and a collector of hats. He invites us to the large yard of the Békéscsaba House of Tales where he introduces us to his pictures, sculptures, objects, toys, costumes, sceneries, dressed and decorated figures, and his friends and acquaintances. These represent both the alive and the objectified participants of his life.



- National Film Festival of Fine Arts 1993 / Hungary (Special prize of the jury)
- Hiroshima 2014 / Japan (Panorama program)