Pretty Kitty's Flower

Director: HORVÁTH Mária
tv-series ° 2010 ° 07 ' 30 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Tóth-Pócs Roland ; Balajthy László Script: Horváth Mária Production manager: Vécsy Vera Cameraman: Tóth-Pócs Roland Musician: Tóth Pál character: Horváth Mária character: Lóránt János Demeter


On her birthday Pretty Kitty is surprised by her friends with a flower; she is very happy about the gift, but after some time she forgets about it, she does not water it and doesn’t take care of it. Therefore her friends decide to take it away from her. Still, the flower would like to stay with Pretty Kitty…



- Cortisonici International Shortfilm Festival 2011 / Italy (Panorama program)
- Zlin Film Festival 2011 / Czech Republic (Competetion program)
- Kecskemét Animation Film Festival 2011 / Hungary (Competetion program)
- Film Festival della Lessinia 2011 / Italy (Competetion program)
- Auburn International Film Festival For Children And Young Adults / Australia (Competetion program)
- BFI London Film Festival 2011 / Anglia (Competetion program)
- Sichuan TV Festival 2011 / China (Competetion program)
- Hungarian Film Review 2012 / Hungary (Panorama program)
- Annual San Diego International Children's Film Festival 2012 / USA (Panorama program)
- Filmtettfeszt 2012 / Romania (Panorama program)
- Tehran International Animation Festival 2013 / Iran (Golden prize for the best animation dealing with the subject of children and young adults)
- Tisza Cinema 2016 / Hungary (Other program)