Saint Stephen of Hungary

Director: BÉKÉSI Sándor
tv-series ° 2022 ° 09 ' 00 " ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Csányi Sándor ; Belevski Darko ; Nyúl Zsuzsanna ; Szabó János Csiga ; Uzsák János Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Madácsi Imre Background painter: Torma Judit Highlighter-coloring: Fejes Margit Compositor: Nagy György Artist: Elek-Varga Viktória ; Purevjav Batmyagmar ; Kovács Magdolna Editor: Gorácz Vanda Musician: Papp Anette Writer, production design: Békési Sándor Effect: Cseh János Post production: Ari Károly Technical director: Tóth László István Narrator: Kertész Péter Narrator: Boldizsár Rita


While praying to the Lord soon before his death, King Stephen of Hungary looks back on the most important moments of his life. He recalls how he went from the pagan Vajk to the Christian Stephen, how he became the first king of Pannonia, how the Holy Crown was created and its significance. In his vision of his past, he sees the triumphs and the tragedies, the creation of the kingdom but also the death of his son. Throughout the film, we witness this extraordinary man’s spiritual struggle to wrestle with the temptations of the devil and the trials of God.