Saint Margaret of the Árpád House

Director: BÉKÉSI Sándor
tv-series ° 2022 ° 09 ' 33 " ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Bogyó Péter ; Csányi Sándor ; Belevski Darko ; Kovács Zorica ; Molnár Eszter ; Nyúl Zsuzsanna ; Szabó János Csiga ; Uzsák János Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Madácsi Imre Background painter: Torma Judit Highlighter-coloring: Fejes Margit Compositor: Nagy György Artist: Berdin Beáta ; Gresz Dorottya Kinga ; Grosschmid Erik Bence ; Horváth Virág ; Elek-Varga Viktória ; Kovács Magdolna ; Nagy Judit ; Papp Izabella ; Tálosi Rita ; Zsolnai Eszter ; Ari Károly Editor: Gorácz Vanda Musician: Papp Anette Narrator: Solecki Janka Narrator: Boldizsár Rita Effect: Cseh János


Even as a babe in her mother’s womb, Princess Margaret was destined for sacrifice. Her parents vowed to offer her to God in order to free the land from the Tartars. Therefore, from her childhood until her death, her life was spent on the altar of sacrifice. We see how she learns to live everyday life in the Dominican monastery, her life of prayer and worship, her love of Christ’s cross, her service to her companions and to others, while all the while she is tormented by the temptations of the devil, once with an offer of marriage, once with a war between her royal father and brother.



- Kecskemet Animation Filmfestival 2023 / Hungary (Information program)