Why is the Water-Flea Jumping?

Director: SZABÓ Szabolcs
tv-series ° 1976 ° 05 ' 30 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Dramaturge: Bálint Ágnes Production manager: Doroghy Judit ; Vécsy Vera Sound: Bársony Péter Cameraman: Polyák Sándor ; Barta Irén Artist: Haui József ; Hegedűs László ; Hernádi Oszkár ; Tóth Pál ; Lőrincz Mariann Color technology: Kun Irén Editor: Czipauer János Musician: Pethő Zsolt Script: Kertész György ° Manufacturer:


Waterspider comes out from this house to witness a loud argument. Backswimmer is complaining about some “lurkers”. Waterspider is also becoming suspicious, when his friend Cross Spider calls his attention to something. That’s how Waterspider meets the water fleas.