The Cantor of Cinkota

Director: UJVÁRY László
tv-series ° 1982 ° 07 ' 30 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Ujváry László ; Katona János Dramaturge: Szentistványi Rita Script: Ujváry László Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Solymosi Ottó ; Nyerges András Imre Storyteller: Helyey László Cameraman: Polyák Sándor ; Pethes Zsolt Color technology: György Erzsébet Editor: Czipauer János Musician: Kaláka együttes Script: Kőszegi Ábel Backgrounds: Molnár Péter Backgrounds: Neuberger Gizella Ink artist: Gömöry Dorottya Ink artist: Fejes Margit Painting: Major Andrásné Painting: Bajusz Pálné ° Manufacturer:


The parson of Cinkota found a stone with an inscription and on basis of this he asks King Matthias for an abbacy. In order to have his request granted he attempts to answer three questions - unsuccessfully. He changes clothes with the cantor who answers the three shrewd questions. To reward the cantor, the king passes the order to use double size wine cups in the pub in Cinkota than anywhere else.