Escape from Prosperity

Director: NAGY Lajos ; SZILÁGYI VARGA Zoltán
tv-series ° 2011 ° 07 ' 00 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc ; Gattyán György Script: Szilágyi Varga Zoltán Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Nyerges András Imre Cameraman: Cseh János Secondunit director: Gödl Beáta Musician: Melis László Character design, background layout: Szilágyi Varga Zoltán Character design, animation layout: Nagy Lajos


Any and all similarities with reality are accidental. As we know it, the bootlicker intellectual - in our case the court poet of the rat king - gets what he deserves. Only in this animated film episode exclusively for the purpose of saving the little mouse, EDE, on instruction from the director.



- Hungarian Film Review 2012 / Hungary (Panorama program)
- International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults 2014 / Iran (Competetion program)