Gentle Threads

Director: TÓTH-PÓCS Judit ; RITTGASSER István
short film ° 2007 ° 35 ' 00 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Horváth Mária ; Nagy György ; Kása Andreas Shooting supervisor: Kása Andreas Script: Rittgasser István Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Kőházy Ferenc Cameraman: Rittgasser István Editor: Rittgasser István Musician: Krulik Zoltán Script: Tóth-Pócs Judit Post-production: Rittgasser István Photography: Kása Andreas ° Manufacturer:


By genre this film forms a transition between a portrait-like documentary and an educational film. It showcases the phases of felt production, from sheep trimming through wool processing to the various felt techniques. Its novelty and unconventional nature lies in elevating felt technique among contemporary artistic branches. Its goal is to raise public awareness on felt making - as one of the most ancient textile making techniques - and to make it more popular.


- Kecskemét Animation Film Festival 2007 / Hungary (Special Award of Filmkultúra)
- Bázis Filmfesztivál 2007 / Hungary (Information program)
- Sub-regional and Local Television Week 2007 / Hungary (Special Jury Award )
- Hungarian Film Week 2008 / Hungary (Best Scientific Educational Documentary )
- Kamera Hungária 2008 / Hungary (Competetion program)
- CineFest 2008 / Hungary (Competetion program)
- Etiuda & Anima 2008 / Poland (Information program)