Director: TORÓ Annamária
short film ° 1987 ° 10 ' 52 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Production manager: Vécsy Veronika Sound: Nyerges András Imre Cameraman: Polyákné Üstökös Olga Artist: Tari József ; Fehér Ákos ; Csincsi Éva ; Tóth Ákos Editor: Czipauer János Musician: Karácsony János ° Manufacturer:


Abracadabra is a lighter and happier film. In it, we are able to experience an extraordinary fairy-tale world that can only be realized in an animated film. A little boy invents a fantasy for himself. During the course of his adventures, all the fanciful things that only a child's imagination is capable of conjuring up, come to life.



- International Festival of Film and Video for Children and Young Adults, 2005 / Iran (Panorama program)
- Busan International Kids’Festival 2006 / South Korea (Other program)
- WRO Art Center / Media Kindergarten 2009 / Poland (Other program)
- WRO Art Center 2010 / Poland (Other program)
- Cortisonici International Shortfilm Festival 2011 / Italy (Panorama program)
- Banjaluka 2011 / Bosnia and Herzegovina (Panorama program)