Director: JANKOVICS Marcell ; CSÁKOVICS Lajos
feature film ° 2022 ° 01h 48m ° Technique : Drawing animation ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Script: Jankovics Marcell Production manager: Vécsy Vera Musician: Selmeczi György Animation director: Csákovics Lajos Production designer, color script: Richly Zsolt Production designer, color script: Maticska Zsolt Narrator: Széles Tamás ° Manufacturer:


Miklós Toldi, the protagonist of János Arany's epic poem, is a real Hungarian superhero. As we are told his story, we watch a young boy with unyielding strength grow into a man who has learned how to use and master his abilities and will ultimately become the most famous knight in the court of Hungarian King Louis the Great. In the animated film by directors Marcell Jankovics and Lajos Csákovics, we bear witness to Miklós' feud with his traitorous brother and his inner struggles as he seeks better to understand his place, all set against the captivating backdrop of the Hungarian plainlands and moorlands in the world of medieval chivalry. We wander with Miklós Toldi through the marshes of the Hungarian countryside and the dusty streets of fourteenth-century Pest as he takes on fearsome foes in his quest for justice.



- Hungarian Motion Picture Festival 2023 / Hungary (Best animation film)
- Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2023 / France (Competetion program)
- Kecskemet Animation Filmfestival 2023 / Hungary (Panorama program)